I’ve been a lot of things. A philosopher (professionally). A journalist. An editor of print magazines and websites. A content strategist. A marketer. A pitcher-for-business. A leader of teams of creative people, small and large (the teams, not so much the people).

I was a relatively early blogger, starting in the late 90s when the software came along to make publishing online incredibly easy, although before that I had hand-crafted my own website in actual HTML, something got me a job working on a tech magazine.

That magazine was MacUser in the UK, the biggest and best Mac magazine over here and the single thing which probably shaped my career. I didn’t want to be a journalist, but journalism came and found me and took me under its wing. I didn’t really have a choice after that.

Recently I’ve also started writing fiction, which twists towards what you might call “the weird”. I’m enjoying that enough that I want to do more.

In a previous life, on a previous blog, I wrote a short humorous post which somehow became a law that gets taught in journalism schools, a question on both University Challenge AND Jeopardy, and which led me to be on a radio programme talking about it. I find this incredibly endearing.

Ian Betteridge @ianbetteridge